National Community-Driven Development Program

The National Community-Driven Development Program (NCDDP), is the biggest project under the Kalahi-CIDSS portfolio. In fact, it is the scale-up of the community-driven development (CDD) operations of Kalahi-CIDSS, expanding its coverage from 364 to 847 municipalities.

Its development objective...

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Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan (PAMANA)

Kalahi-CIDSS PAMANA is a collaboration between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP). In this project, conflict-affected barangays are provided P300,000.00 grants to improve their access to...

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Bottom-Up Planning and Budgeting (BUB)

Bottom-Up Budgeting (BUB) is an approach to formulate budget proposal of National Government Agencies, taking into consideration the development needs of poor cities/municipalities as identified in their respective Local Poverty Reduction Action Plans (LPRAPs) that shall be formulated with strong...

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KC NCDDP Livelihood and Entrepreneurship

The Department of Social Welfare and Development and The Asian Development Bank partnered to implement additional financing to restore livelihoods of Typhoon Yolanda victims through a Typhoon Yolanda Multi-Door Trust Fund (TYMTF). The additional financing will be used to scale...

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Additional Financing

KC Additional Financing (KC-AF) is the World Bank-funded bridge financing for Kalahi-CIDSS to support the transition into a scaled up operations. It is currently implemented in183 municipalities in Regions IV-A, V, VI, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, and CARAGA. It...

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Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

The independent US aid agency Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) through the Millennium Challenge Account-Philippines (MCA-P) provided a US $120 million grant to DSWD for the implementation of Kalahi-CIDSS in 164 municipalities in Regions CAR, IV-B, V, VI, VII, and VIII.


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Kalahi-CIDSS 1 (KC-1)

Kalahi-CIDSS is a poverty alleviation project of DSWD that uses the community-driven development (CDD) approach. The project aims to reduce poverty by empowering communities and promoting good governance, through (i) provision of support for community projects and activities, and (ii)...

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Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR)

The KC-Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction (JFPR) Project is funded by the Japan Government to help in the post-disaster rehabilitation of select municipalities of Eastern Visayas following the impact of Typhoon Yolanda, said to be one of the strongest typhoons...

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Poder y Prosperidad de la Comunidad (PODER)

Poder y Prosperidad de la Comunidad (PODER) is a Project of DSWD's Kalahi-CIDSS and the Agencia Española de Cooperacion Internacional para el Desarollo (AECID) of the Spanish government. It seeks to provide support in improving communities' access to basic social,...

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