Why is there a need for CDD?

  • Increasing available resources for development. The annual investment presents a huge opportunity for addressing the poverty concern of a municipality. The grant also requires only a minimum of 30% in equity in cash or in-kind contribution.
  • Responsive community projects. The program supports projects that address the needs of the LGU’s constituents.
  • Improved governance. The CDD technology has been demonstrated to work and has benefited, with concrete evidence of success, in many municipalities resulting in better governance and improved public satisfaction.
  • Development of volunteers who become the engines of change in the communities. Volunteers from the barangays are trained on organizational and technical skills to participate in project activities and to implement a range of local services for their communities.
  • Opportunities to scale up. By leveraging the resources provided  through the program, several municipalities will be able to access more grants for development or to have their volunteers manage other LGU-funded projects.