No more sleepless nights

Barangay Bio-os in the town of Amlan consists of five sitios. Of the five, Sitio Sug-ong is the one greatly affected by flood, because it is located in the lowest part of the town.  Flood waters from the Upper barangays would pass through the Bio-os River that would cause flood, damage to properties and put the life of the residents in danger.

Brgy. Captain Jaime B. Rosales said that the barangay had been planning to construct a dike to address the problem in Sitio Sug-ong since 201 households of the said barangay is directly affected. However, the barangay’s budget is not enough to construct a dike to protect the entire sitio from flood.

“Dako ang damage sa mga balay diri nga sitio panahon sa mga bagyo kay motaas kaayo ang tubig, kaluoy sa Ginoo wala man puy na disgrasya kay naka evacuate ra man tanan. (Typhoon causes major damage to houses in this sitio since it the area gets when the water rises.  Fortunately, we have zero casualties since we have ensured that the residents are evacuated before typhoon hits us),” Rosales added

“Panahon nga wala pa ning river control, maihap ra ang mga gabii nga maka tulog mi ug tarong tungod ang tubig nga muagi diha gikan sa ibabaw, basta ulan gani, Baha among dangaton. (We don’t get enough sleep at night when it rains since flood water in this river overflows and causes flood to our entire sitio),” said Jaynabe Miraflor, Community Volunteer

Eduardo Seit, Barangay Sub-project Management Committee (BSPMC) Chairperson, said that every year the population in their barangay increases, thus, they fear that one day, their evacuation centers might not be enough to shelter the residents. “Priority namo gyod nga mahimo kining river control kay ang kaayohan sa katawhan ang among gilantaw.  Mao nga atong panahon nga miabot ang Kalahi CIDSS nagka-hiusa gyod ang tanan nga kini nga project ang unahon. (When Kalahi CIDSS came, residents in our barangay agreed to prioritize the river control because majority saw the need to construct it).

Kalahi-CIDSS is one of the three core programs of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) that employs Community Driven Development (CDD).  It aims to teach the community in addressing their unmet needs through trainings and seminars on procurement, finance, and infrastructure processes in constructing sub-projects.  Municipality of Amlan was classified as 177 areas or the non-poor but affected by typhoon Yolanda and has a 1 year implementation cycle.

The people of Sitio Sug-ong and the whole community of Bio-os joined hands to volunteer in the implementation of the project. Because of this Php 1,576,000.00 worth river control sub-project, people in Bio-os have no more sleepless nights during rainy days. ###