Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF)

The Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) is a trust fund managed by the World Bank for the Government of Japan.

The first JSDF-funded project in Kalahi-CIDSS was the Social Inclusion Project (SIP), a complementary project to address barriers to participation of indigenous peoples, people in conflict-affected areas, and women in mainstream Kalahi-CIDSS activities. This was implemented from 2005-2008.

Currently, Kalahi-CIDSS is implementing the JSDF-Livelihood Opportunities for Vulnerable Urban Communities (JSDF-LVUC), in 75 urban poor communities in Metro Manila, Laguna, and Cavite. The Project aims to improve employment and livelihood opportunities for approximately 3,750 households in targeted urban communities through the provision of grants to (i) implement labor-intensive small-scale development projects using an emergency employment scheme adapted from the DSWD’s cash-for-work program, and (ii) develop community enterprises through business advisory services to be provided by qualified NGOs.  The JSDF-LVUC grant is in the amount of $3.6 million and will be implemented from 2011-2014.

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