The Triumph of Ma. Delia

“Giuli na gud kos akong bana, ngadto sa akong mama (my husband returned me to my mother),” confessed Maria Delia. Her confession is often taken as a joke by her co-volunteers. It was a joke to some but to her, the pain has been rooted deeper than anyone can fathom.

Ma. Delia Dano, 55 years old, has been a volunteer of Kalahi-CIDSS for 2 cycles. Being a wife, a mother and at the same time a community volunteer was hard to do. She managed to perform all three functions but Rodulfo, her husband, was not at all happy about it.
Ma. Delia takes a break from work and generously shares her story of triumph as a community volunteer.

Ma. Delia takes a break from work and generously shares her story of triumph as a community volunteer.

Ever since she started her volunteer work, Ma. Delia and her husband have been into a lot of misunderstandings, “kada abot nako gikan mag seminar sa Talibon, awayon ko sa akong bana, kay wala na kuno koy time sa akong pamilya (My husband and I always get into fight, he complains about my volunteer work for I have no time for my family anymore).”

It pained her to hear Rodulfo’s complaints, for she knew she did not take her children for granted, but her husband did not see her sacrifices of doing multiple tasks for the good of the community, including their family. “Giuli na gud kos akong bana, ngadto sa akong mama,” Ma. Delia confessed, with sadness in her eyes, but managed to put it all aside.

Ma. Delia did not mind it all; she knew that after their project would be completed, she knew her family; especially her husband would see her efforts and her sacrifices. The need to be one of the few who will brought change into their community is her priority, for she knew that not only her family can benefit all her sacrifices, but also the residents of the whole island.

Nocnocan is the farthest Island in Talibon, it’s only 2.7 hectares and it does not have any water source. With a population of more than 1,000 residents, to have safe and potable water in this island barangay is really important and it is the community’s number one priority need.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development ‘s core program the Kapit Bisig-Laban sa Kahirapan (Kalahi-CIDSS) aims to empower communities to participate fully in development activities, address the needs they have identified and manages assets in a sustainable way. The project strengthens the link between community priorities and local governments’ development programs and use investments in a transparent manner to promote greater accountability and reduce poverty.

Kalahi-CIDSS started in Talibon in 2003. Under the Makamasang Tugon Modality, Brgy. Nocnocan’s sub-projects were rain water harvester and the rain water reservoir. In these sub-projects, Delia eagerly joined as volunteer. When Kalahi-CIDSS Makamasang Tugon ended and Millenium Challenge (MCC) took over, they again implemented another rain water reservoir as their sub- project to be able to increase the volume of water they could store given the scarce supply of water in the island. Kalahi-CIDSS gave a solution to their problem and they eagerly welcome the additional funds and finished the reservoir in three (3) weeks instead of a 90-day target completion. Their eagerness to have another reservoir for their community inspired them to work and finish their sub-project earlier than expected.

“Before, it was all suffering but now happiness overwhelmed me,” said Delia in dialect. She said, “I did not mind it all, for I know the purpose of Kalahi-CIDSS and I want my family to see its worth.” After seeing the result of Delia’s voluntary work, her husband realized the importance of her involvement with Kalahi-CIDSS. Rodulfo, Ma. Delia’s husband has changed the way treated Ma. Delia. He even encouraged Ma. Delia to participate whatever Kalahi-CIDSS will provide for their community.

Ma. Delia jokingly said in dialect that “my husband was like a radio being turned off after realizing the help that Kalahi-CIDSS brought to the community.”

The community folks look up to Ma. Delia as one of their community heroes who made it all possible for their sub-project to be realized. ###